When Evan was about 4 years old it snowed properly here for the first time.

He was already diagnosed with autism but I had no idea he might not like snow..

It was coming down but not really settling..I heard it was laying on higher ground so I drove several miles in search of snow, full of excitement with a shiny new sledge on-board.

I parked up.The snow was thick and still falling.

The moment I opened the car door Evan started to scream.

 Not an angry scream but one that hurts your heart ,a scream of absolute terror.

I didn’t get him out of the car that day.

Autism leaves no stone unturned.

It affects everything, everyday.

 Most of all the things you simply would never think about.

 like snow..

Two years later I tried again.I took Evan out in it but he was at best disinterested.

He was not distressed, more annoyed and simply ignored the sledge and my crude attempt at a snowman.

I won’t forget that day

I took my sledge to a friend and gave it to her children.

I cried and cried. I could not believe my child did not like snow.

It was real. My little boy was very very different.

It might seem ridiculous but I not only wanted Evan to like snow but needed him to go on a sledge.

It seemed so important.

When Evan was almost 8 he sledged for the first time.

He enjoys playing in the snow when we are out on the fells ,although to wake up to it on the street when he is not expecting it can still really upset him.

I can’t say it excites him and probably never will.He needs gentle persuasion to go out in it but this year at 9 and a half he had a great time sledging and even asked me to make him a snow man.

He is an excellent shot with a snowball



  Snow is an example of how complex and debilitating a condition Autism is that touches every area of “normal” life.

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