Sleepless in Cumbria

From a very tiny baby Evan didn’t really sleep, he seemed to catnap or rest and when he did sleep it was only for very short periods.

 He was always a very content  baby and I struggle to remember him ever crying or making any kind of a fuss at all,he would happily lay for hours looking at his hands..

I suppose in hindsight perhaps that should have set alarm bells ringing.

By the age of one Evan was in a good routine,he ate well and was a happy little chap although regardless of how much fresh air he had had or how long he had napped for he was always wide awake and ready to start his day by 4am.


This has continued for 9 years.

Evan has what can only be described as an exquisite amount of boundless energy.

Sometimes it is exhausting just being around him.

As the years have passed Evans need for sleep has become even less.It is hard to describe but when he wakes it is like he has been on pause and the play button has been pressed, he is immediately back at 100% energy.

Evan has never slept through the night and the latest we have started our day on a rare occasion is 6am.

Four years ago it was suggested that I should give him medication.

I choose not to for many reasons, the main one being that when Evan was examined by a doctor it was decided the lack of sleep was in no way impeding his mental or physical well being.

I was the only one suffering!!

I remember one day on my way home from shopping I had to pull into a lay by and have a nap whilst he was securely strapped into his car seat!

The exhaustion was simply over whelming.

 It has got harder as he has got older.When upset or stressed sometimes Evan can sleep for less than 2 hours in an entire night.This was almost every night when he was at school.

A couple of years ago I was told about the benefits of weighted blankets.They work by providing deep pressure this helps the child/adult relax , It stimulates the production of serotonin and helps release melatonin the natural sleep hormone we produce.

I have always excepted Evan was Autistic however I realise perhaps I have been in denial as I couldn’t bring myself to get him a weighted was for children with autism..we didn’t need one..I didn’t think we “qualified”

Last week the weighted blanket arrived


He is still up early and it is not a miracle cure but he loves it,he settles better and seems for the first time in his life to be sleeping deeply.

I just need to get used to it and learn to relax,I am still waking to check on him!

The future looks very bright with the prospect of sleep. So look out….we will be ready to conquer the world!





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2 Responses to Sleepless in Cumbria

  1. Yvonne Frost says:

    I’m delighted! Lin have you tried it yourself?I love the feeling so I can see why Evan likes it!

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