September baby

As I walked through the park with the dog I spotted them.

Three local 9-year-old boys happily playing

I scouted for adults, saw none.

I realised…. it’s happened.

His peers have earned their wings and are flying.

Over and over again through the years and stages of development Autism quietly steals.

It steals the things most people take for granted.

 First words, birthday parties, best friends

and now the natural right of passage to independence

When I see the boys, it is, for a few moments,like a sharp kick in the ribs.

He is older than them .

I know this  because they all started Nursery together.

 I know this because Evan was a September baby.

The oldest in the class.

It feels unfair.

As I walk away from the park I remind myself  that it is not important.

On the mountains Evan has his wings, he soars above the world running free with an exquisite level of freedom.





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  1. I know, it can be tough at times. I also have those moments.

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