My mountain leading day.

Hello it’s me Evan.

Today I was a mountain leader for Lakeland Mountain guides.

We went up Latrigg which is a very small fell ,it was raining and not everyone was that used to walking a long way in the rain so I think it was just the job.

It is a brand new company and the main guy is Matt. He gave me my own top with the company logo on. It is quite big so I will be able to grow into it as I  get to take it home and keep it!

When we walked up through the woods I named some of the fells I could see, I did really well without forgetting, I was like a proper mountain guide in my opinion!

Scruffy was with us in his new coat. Lexi Matt’s dog,a black labradoor also had a coat on and looked very smart.

There were quite a few people on the walk and when we got to the bench on Latrigg Matt opened some champagne, I asked mum and I was allowed to taste it!!!!!!!!!!!! it was disgusting but I was pleased I got to join in with all the grown ups and I felt pretty important.

There was also chocolate cake in a box made by Matt’s wife’s mum and there was one with my name on! It said Evan but also had the mountain guides logo on it.

It was really wet and windy so we walked home the  same way.

I had a great day and told grandma all about it when we got home,she couldn’t believe her ears when I told her all about the champagne and cake!

Thank you very much Matt and everyone for letting me be a mountain guide. Love from Evan.

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4 Responses to My mountain leading day.

  1. Heather Young says:

    It sounds like you did a really great job Evan and I’m sure they couldn’t have done the tour without you. You should be really proud of yourself! A fantastic blog too! I love to read them. Thank you.

  2. Sue Da Conceicao says:

    Well done Evan. That was a very interesting blog. And for your first one….absolutely fantastic. XX

  3. Jane Comben says:

    Well done Evan, that sounds great. The chocolate cake looks yummy.

  4. Clare Hockenhull says:

    Well done Evan!! I wish Clive and I were there for the walk because it sounds like you all had a great day. A chocolate cake with your name on sounds very special and very yummy!

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