Lego, lego everywhere, yet not a brick to build with.

 Today, armed with 4 soft paint brushes in various sizes,hot soapy water,spray polish and several cloths I spent eight and a half hours helping to clean and re-design Lego city.

I am yet to shower or dress.

It was of course no surprise that today would happen.

After every birthday and Christmas Lego city is re-built in order to accommodate new sets. It is also the ideal time to give each base plate, building and vehicle a good dust and clean.

It is a day I have come to dread.

My main job is to clean everything, under the watchful eye of Evan.

He collects all of the mini figures and reunites them with any accessories they came with whilst I set about dusting each and every building.

After several hours we end up with neat piles of clean lego at the opposite end of the room, this is when the tension starts.

 Although Evan wants and needs to change the city he feels out of control with it all over the place and in piles.

I am, by this point bored with knees aching.

Evan knows exactly how he wants things to be,but he doesn’t know he needs to share that information in order for me to understand and help.

This generally results in him being very frustrated.

I make a suggestion where something might go and he puts his head in his hands. Sometimes he manages to be gracious” nice idea mum, but no”

So I become his” gofer”

I tried to slip away several times but was called back. 

He actually followed me to the toilet to make sure I really needed to go!

By about 5pm he had created the city he wanted and I took my leave.

Still at hand was the laborious task of  replacing the mini figures.

This is a job only Evan can do as only he knows where each can go and in what position.

He also gets side tracked and starts cross referencing sets with mini figures from his many books and collectors guide.

The other thing he has to deal with is the fact the city has changed.He questions himself,and worries about the new layout.

When he spent the day with Ben Fogle building Lego he nearly lost the will to live when he realised they were going to mix sets up and not use instructions!

It was time for him to go to bed with over 100 mini figures not yet in place.

Evan does not like or love Lego.

  It is his special interest. It is an obsession.

I thank my lucky stars that I have 3 months till the next re-build.





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