Insult to injury

When your child is diagnosed with a lifelong developmental disability like autism at 3 years old you do not think for one second that getting your child’s needs met educationally will be any problem at all.

 Nothing could be further from the truth.

Did you know:

A diagnosis of autism is classed as “merely a pointer” with regard to weather your child will require a statement of special educational needs?

Evan had a statement in place before he started reception class.

Evans statement entitled him to 15 hours of 1 to 1 support along with detailed advice on how best his needs should be met as a direct result of his autism.

It stated that ALL adults needed to be ASD aware and that teachers and teaching assistants should have access to ASD training.

It gave clear examples of how Evans sensory and communication difficulties would impact on his ability to access the curriculum.It clearly stated how best to speak to Evan so he would understand.

The statement  included detailed advice and reports from professionals with knowledge of autism that observed Evan in a class room setting over a period of time.

It included a detailed report of Evans diagnosis of Autism.

The statement also gave the school 12 hours per year of input from a specialist teacher for Autism that could be used for advice,help writing IEPs and staff training.

 Yet Evans needs were not met.

As parents of  children with additional needs we seem to do nothing but fight for the basics.

Some days I feel like a tiger mother- ready to take on the world and some days I feel like a single mother exhausted and scared of the future….

in the end I gave up the fight and home schooled.




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3 Responses to Insult to injury

  1. Fred says:

    It must have been so disheartening to have fought and fought to eventually get what Evan needed on paper only to have the education system itself not implement it’s own recommendations! I’m sure you could have quite literally wrung people’s necks had you not been far too strong a person. You held your head high, turned your back on the education system and did the most sensible thing ever … home educate. Only you can know how much soul searching you had to do before taking the plunge but, my word, you have excelled and so has Evan. As you, and many others in your situation, have said … you are changing the education to suit the child, not the child to suit the education. Keep going ………. <3

    • Lin says:

      Thank you Fred!! Evan has made me who I am today. He is such a good example of strengh, grit and determination that I have a lot to live up to!!. Evan has been sadly failed by a flawed sysetm.

  2. Yvonne Frost says:

    You are so right Lin.That’s why I’m home educating too We fought (and got) a statement but the school couldn’t cope- mainstream isn’t always right. In our case the local special schools weren’t either- my son is too academically able. No one told us about the Autistic schools available – the Local authorities don’t want to pay for them.

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