Ice melts.

This morning Grandma arrived at 7am to have breakfast with us before taking Evan to Penrith for the “Earlybird” swim.

Evan was sat up eating his Weetoes,when he covered his nose and said his head hurt.

I was making fresh juice, using carrots,apples.lemon ,ginger and beetroot.

He found the smell overwhelming and said” can’t you smell it Grandma?”

She said she could only smell his Weetos, to which he replied” You are so lucky,I wish I had a nose just like yours!”

For his birthday Ev got a mini figure icecube tray, without thinking  I took it out and started to plop little ice figures into a glass, Evan was horrified.

Eyes blazing and near to tears he said”Why would you do that to them? They will die if you take them out!” and quickly started to pop each one back into the rubbery mold with soothing tones.

When he was at school, I remember  on a warm day I froze his drink for his packed lunch so it would keep his food cool and his juice nice and cold.

At the end of the day his teacher explained that he had been upset because he was sure someone had stolen his ice!!

I had never thought to explain ice melts.

Yesterday morning we went shopping arriving when the supermarket had just opened as this is the perfect time for a stress free shop.

As we wandered the empty aisles,I was able to send Evan off to collect various items.

His success varies as he often gets side tracked and brings me things he has seen on the T.V.he particularly likes cleaning products.

At one time he had a real thing about the Cilit bang advert and every time we went shopping would drop a spray in to the trolley with a shout”Bang,and the dirt is gone!”


 He is an advertisers dream. 

 The JML “Snuggy” and “Wonder mop” are two of his most coveted items,although the new “Shower feet” has certainly got his attention.

Everyday mundane tasks like shopping,take on a fresh twist when experiencing them with Evan.

Last night he came into the kitchen with chocolate yogurt all over his pyjamas and himself.

He was furious.

“I don’t know why this happens to me” he seethed, “I did everything right,I held it up the right way and was careful,now look at me”.

He then flung himself about in a sort of warrior type dance sending chocolate splatters all over the hall.

He had clearly dropped most of the yogurt off his spoon but not noticed as he was consentrating on keeping the pot up right.

Looking down at his chocolate covered pyjamas he said”Bold 2 in 1 with a touch of Lenor freshness will re-juvinate your senses.” then turned tail and headed back to the lounge. 


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  1. Debbie Westlake says:

    love it love it – makes me smile every day x

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