Hula Hoops in Wales

Holding his Welsh/English dictionary in one hand and gently touching the shiny red paper of the crisp packet with the other Evan declared

” As I suspected Hula Hoops only these are almost certainly Welsh!”

We have just returned from our first ever holiday.

Well that’s not strictly true..we had been to Winfell Forest, Centre Parcs for the last 7 years!

 A place Evan believed was the only holiday destination that existed. If he heard someone was going away he would cheerfully shout “enjoy Centre Parcs”

It was not without its challenges.

 In early visits I drove him home every night and took him back next morning.

 I consoled him when he was terrified of the empty fire grate in the lodge and of the new sounds and smells that he struggled to tolerate.

Over the years with understanding, planning and a bit of fine tuning Evan came to love his annual visit to Centre Parcs.

 He spent hour after hour in the pool, happily watching the water feature or repeatedly going down the same slide.

He developed a “holiday routine” that each year with help he expanded .

 Over the last year Evan  made so much progress, pushing his own boundaries,trying new things and learning coping strategies I felt he was ready to try something new.

I also wasn’t sure I could stand another visit to Centre Parcs..

 A “real” holiday seemed like an exciting way of putting his skills and coping stragies to the test.

A real measure of his achievements.

 After careful consideration we decided on  North Wales as our destination.

Somewhere different, but quiet, with hills, plenty of walking,water and most importantly somewhere we could take his best friend Scruffy!

 In preparation we did virtual tours of the caravan and the site we were going to stay on.

We used Wales and holidays as our home-school topics.

Planned walks,for both fine and rainy weather.

When the day came Evan was given the task of navigation. He was happy to assist, enjoyed the journey immensely and got us there without incident.

The holiday was a huge success!

Evan was fascinated by the Welsh language, a visit to the local supermarket took over two hours as he read each and every sign in welsh( much of which he has retained!)He then purchased  himself a Welsh/English dictionary with his holiday money.

Wales was everything we hoped for and more.

On the site Evan tried many of the activities,Archery,Fencing and Go-karting to name but a few.

He was a star and coped brilliantly!

I had a moment  where I found the entire situation utterly heartbreaking,where I felt angry and jealous of the carefree lives people lead, longing for normality and not a military operation,desperately sad for the uphill struggle Evan faces everyday..

Then I stood on top of Mount Snowdon,having taken the route over Crib Gouch ( a challenging ridge walk) with my utterly amazing 9 year old son and…….

 I knew it was all going to be ok!

Look out world Evan is coming…..ready or not!













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3 Responses to Hula Hoops in Wales

  1. Yvonne Frost says:

    I’d have frozen with fear on that ridge!Well done Evan!

  2. Blimey, those photos of Evan climbing up Snowdon are amazing! You are so right… it is all going to be okay! Did you visit the cafe at the top? … My uncle Jack, who lives in Bangor, was the contractor who demolished the old cafe.

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