Fiat Panda

Evan has been talking a great deal recently about when he gets himself a wife.

He has decided he will be around 30years old and the wife will be one of the “blonde sort” they will live in America,have children and a dog.

 We  have had lengthy conversations about what he will say to her and how she might answer.

He also has lots of questions about being a grown up.

Will I be allowed out when I have a wife?

He has practiced what he might say

“I am going to meet my friend Ol now and drink a glass of beer”

and how she might answer.

” ok I will stay at home!”

 He then explained ,when my wife if pregnant she will show me the white stick and say”the luck of the Irish?

Ahh, suddenly It dawned on me he was using the film “Marley and me”as an  model to get examples of how life will be for him when he is older.

To confirm my suspicions,I asked him what sort of name he thought his wife might have,without missing abeat  he said “Jenny”…..

 We have discussed his future a lot as it is an area of concern for him at the moment.

He wants to know how he will get to be a film maker, I take the opportunity to explain he has to work hard.

Whenever he can’t be bothered with school work I have always  explained to him he has to give 100% if he wants to have nice things and drive a nice car when he is a man.

Evan is sure he will move to America with his blonde wife,children, dog and have a large house.

“When I am a film maker living in America and have lots of money,I promise to send you some”

 “for me to visit you?” I said smiling,thinking what a thoughtful boy.

“No, so you can drive a better car than a Fiat Panda” he said  seriously





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  1. Heather Young says:

    Well now you know the pecking order. The brutal honesty is priceless xx

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