When Evan was a baby I met a woman with a son the same age at toddler group,she had a severely autistic teenage daughter.

It was not until after Evan was diagnosed and I had lived with autism  that I thought for the first time about that woman,her daughter,her life and the fact I had never considered or acknowledged the daily struggles she encountered

Having a child with autism is hard work,yet those out raising funds,running support groups,volunteering,helping others,raising awareness and fighting, they are those directly affected.Those that need the support most, yet they fight to create it for others.

I have a friend that raises thousands and thousands of pounds for the MS society in the hope of a cure, another that can be found in all weathers on a stall raising money for the children’s heart unit at the Freeman hospital in a bid to keep it open.

Every time you walk past someone with a charity box,hear of someone running a marathon or climbing a mountain for charity that person will undoubtedly have  had their heart touched by their cause.

 Just seven years ago I knew nothing about autism,I was blissfully ignorant.I had never heard of a “statement of special educational needs” a Senco or an IEP.I certainly had never envisaged I would home educate my child. Pecs,weighted blanlets and sensory chews were words I had yet to hear.Sleep deprivation had yet to be experienced.

 I had never given a thought to parents with children with disabilities or special needs.

Once you enter that world and once your eyes have been opened you don’t close them again.

I find myself looking at people in the street with children in wheelchairs and wondering if they get respite,at young adults with learning disabilities and wondering what support is available for them and if they will live independent lives.

I have a new found deep respect for all those people that are raising awareness and money for their charity.

Sometimes it does us good to have been touched in this way.

I view the world very differently now,I have different priorities.

I am grateful for all of those everyday things that I once took for granted. I celebrate all the things Evan can do and find humour and joy in places you would least expect.

You don’t have to give money to charity,sometimes spending 10 mins to find out a little or ask questions to help raise awareness and understanding is worth a fortune.







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  1. Debbie W says:

    Love ya Lin – Your life is amazing and so are you x

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