Being Evan’s Mum

A 19 hour day that included walking 10 mountains over 27km for charity as fast as I could to be back in time to make a 90 mile round trip to a swimming gala, where I was under pressure to sit in the same seat as last time holding my breath that Evan would understand the instructions and do the right stroke in the right race….only to be woken no sooner than I felt I had closed my eyes!

 I am Evan’s Mum. 


Life is not as I expected and certainly has no resemblance to the “dream”

42 years old, a single parent, homeschooling an autistic child….Yep I can safety say that was never part of the game plan.

Life is hard.

Its exhausting, limited, challenging and lonely

Its frightening and sleep deprived.

BUT I tell you what…….

Being Evans mum has given me guts and determination that I never knew were possible, it’s meant that I have met some amazing people and has opened my eyes and made me feel lucky.

 Being Evan’s mum has made me question the system and fight for those that have no voice.

Being Evan’s mum …… possibly the best job in the world!



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6 Responses to Being Evan’s Mum

  1. Yvonne Frost says:

    You go girl, you’re doing a great job! I think INSPIRATIONAL is the word!

  2. Jane says:

    Wow! You’re amazing. All our love

  3. Debbie W says:

    And what an amazing Mum you are too, one lucky lucky boy. He is doing so well because of you, stand tall and proud young lady. Luv ya x

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