Back to the future….

Last night I had just sat down hoping to catch the end of “Master chef the professionals” and eat my supper(nothing fancy just some eggs-scrambled with ketchup..)when I became aware of a noise.

I muted the t.v and listened.

It was crying.

 Not loud dramatic crying aimed at getting my attention.

In fact quite the opposite.

It was muffled sobbing.

I went up to Evans room where I found him curled in a ball under his covers breaking his heart.

 When I peeled the covers back he was snotty and sweaty and had tears streaming down his crumpled face.

I got in beside him(briefly thinking “bugger I am not only missing master chef but my food is going cold”)he turned his back on me and allowed me to hug him.

When he was calm enough to tell me why he was upset he simply said” Mr Crocodile”

After and hour or so I finally got to the bottom of the problem.

2 years ago Evan chose a large inflatable Killer whale as a present, it seems that he wishes he had in fact chosen the large inflatable crocodile……………………………………

This is an example of Autism.

At this time of year Evan is always very verbal, needing to repeat certain phrases over and over. He quotes much more and seems to “get stuck”  in certain situations with his language. This helps him cope with the changes that Christmas brings.

I find it fascinating that not only can he remember events and situations from months or years ago but also can start talking about them as if they had just happened.

I have ordered the Crocodile………………..







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  1. Heather Young says:

    I haven’t met you or your son, but I admire you greatly, you go above and beyond your role as a parent, teacher, friend. Evan is an extremely lucky boy to have you as his Mum. And I’m glad Mr Crocodile is on his way :-)

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