Today someone asked ” how does Evans autism affect him?”

It was a very refreshing question and one that is very rarely,if ever, asked.

In short, the answer is:It affects everything he does all of the time.

It is an invisible disability- to the untrained eye.

Evans main areas of difficulty are Communication,social interaction and impairment of imagination.

Most affected is his ability to communicate effectively.

Ironically this is the area most people do not always see he has a difficulty as he has a superb vocabulary and speaks eloquently.

When a child is as verbal as Evan it can be easy for people to not understand, make assumptions,decide for themselves if  indeed he does has a disability and  in their opinion, if he does, how severe it is.

 Evan memorises huge chunks of  dialogue from books and film then is able to use it as a response to questions.

He has very little spontaneous speech,yet could be perceived as a child with no communication problems.

The reason he likes to talk about his own topic or will control a conversation is because he then knows how to respond.

His production of speech far exceeds his understanding this can lead to people thinking he understands much more than he does.

His understanding is literal. This make him appear rude or pedantic when he questions or corrects and adult.

He also struggles with sensory sensitivity,affecting all his senses.This has a profound impact on his (and my)life.

His diet is extremely limited due to his over sensitivity to taste and texture. 

It affects  his need for sleep, his ability to feel tired,settle and stay asleep.

He has a need for ridgid structure and routine.

Obsessions or what might be classed as special interests.

He has no interest in other children his age or what they are doing.

It was great to be asked.

It is important because so often no one does.

 Autism  becomes a huge part of  daily life for the families living with it.

It impacts on everything.








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2 Responses to Autism.

  1. I agree with you… it is fantastic to be asked. I really love your header picture… stunning.

    • Lin says:

      Thank you! I think people are afraid of saying the wrong thing sometimes so say nothing….it is nice to be able to share and talk and show it’s not all doom and is just is different.

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