Above the Clouds

Sometimes I get to look at life above the clouds.

As an autism parent it doesn’t happen that often so when it does it is nothing short of magical.

A real life cloud inversion

Underneath the cloud it can be grey and cold, by no means unbearable, but each step forward is deliberate and planned, it takes more energy and determination to just to  cover the same distance with no promise of a view at the end each day.

That is autism.

Beneath the cloud that autism can cast on an otherwise sunny life, we fight invisible fights, we endure daily uphill struggles just to achieve the everyday things. We work hard to create an illusion of an effortless journey when in reality every single step is hard,practiced and rehearsed.

IMG_2485Evans achievements that mean the most are rarely obvious to anyone but us.The little things in life that are only little to those that don’t struggle with them.

When Evan overcomes something or manages to not only cope but enjoy a new situation for the first time,that is when my head is above the clouds and I feel the sunshine on my face.

I bask there for a brief time ….before quietly slipping back beneath the clouds..









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