This site is all about Evan (my son) and the adventures daily life brings.He is a boy that likes to walk the fells, loves water and can’t resist jumping in (often fully clothed) regardless if it is a puddle, stream or  lake, a whizz on the computer he also has an obsessional passion for Lego! Evan is autistic.

A brief history.

Evan is an only child and although I was very concerned about his speech or  should I say lack of it.. I was simply delighted with him. He was a funny little chap with some rather strange ways, he was very different from his peers,he had so much energy and was utterly exhausting but as a first time mum I knew no different and I marvelled in everything he did!

When Evan started nursery at three it was only a matter of weeks before they voiced concerns….and sadly from there it was what seemed to be a rollercoaster to a destination of diagnosis!So after a period of assessment at the child development center the day came when they verbalised the worst possible news. Autism.

In those early days it was tough, I had a boy that didn’t sleep, didn’t speak and ate practically nothing. His energy knew no bounds,he was obsessed with water and hated change.Routine was everything….my life was going to change in ways I didn’t imagine possible.

Evan and I started walking as a way to get rid of his “extra” energy and give him  some much needed respite from daily life. I found taking him on the hills away from the stimulus of daily life helped hugely with his ability to cope with  everyday things.

And now

Now at 8 years old Evan is very verbal, although has problems with spontaneous speech (but quotes brilliantly) he is an amazing young man,still obsessed with water he swims like a fish,he has walked every fell as far as the eye can see in the lakes and still has energy after an 8 hour day on the hills. Evan is the happiest boy I know.

He struggles with life in ways that are difficult to understand. Hopefully this site will be a a window into our world!

Scruffy (the wonder dog!)

We got Scruffy, a raggedy cross breed terrier,a year ago. He has fitted right in to our quirky little family! He goes everywhere with us and Evan adores him. A very patient dog he gets pulled about dressed up and bathed on a regular if not daily basis.

We live in the lake district so are lucky enough to have mountains and lakes on our doorstep.


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